Mindfulness and its Application

The mind often works in funny ways opposite itself and our desired intent. During times of decision and stress, very often the default pattern involves overthinking which may hinder our actual performance in reality. The only way to counter this occurrence is by taking action. Simply moving forward and taking the first step gives us the chance to learn something new and gain real results. Here are two simple steps one can take to get going:

Altering Perception of Experiences
  1. Just accept the fact that not everything has to be a pleasant experience. Knowing this alone gives one the confidence to begin at anything. Also, it allows us to see that life does NOT need 100% preparation because it will still move forward regardless of steps along the way. Thus taking action in positive ways brings about new experiences that allows learning to occur and often the desired results to be achieved. Even for the hardest days this could mean simply getting out of bed and starting something, anything at times.
  2. Perfection? In a perfect world all of our experiences would be satisfying and pleasurable. As humans we are only able to move forward in time. We are NOT able to alter the past or steer ourselves to avoid certain feelings or future events. The result therefore gives us only one avenue on which we can improve ourselves upon both mentally, physically, and spiritually.  By my definition, that avenue is the act of moving forward and to realize all events provide us with learning, give us knowledge, and only through new experiences are we able to adapt and thrive. Once we realize this self-evident truth then experiences in which we label as “negative” are simply different ways in which we learn.
Focus from Within &  Mindful of the Present
  1. Being present to the moment eliminates all the noise and distractions of the mind. Being centered allows us to experience the present in its entirety and frees us from the need to control everything. Therefore just as time only moves forward, then truly the only logical method for growth is then to continually take action toward achieving goals and any kind of results. In any journey, as a whole, there are small steps and larger ones that we do not even necessarily judge in size until we are given chance to look back.
  2. Trial and error is unique in that it goes along directly with taking one step at a time. Being present gives us the ability to be fully aware of experiences happening in real time and eliminates the need to judge them for “good” or “bad”. Often this is where the saying of “blessings in disguise” arises because only in retrospect are we able to categorize events as beneficial or not.

Mindfulness is something that we all carry with us but for its true effect to be useful we must cultivate it. Often once we center ourselves before we begin anything we find that our brain’s tendency to throw us a myriad of thoughts does not affect us in reality. The reality comes on its own once we step out there and begin our day or endeavor. Certain things are within our control based on the actions we take and the energy we put behind them. The rest is up to our own mindfulness to let events unfold as they will. Therein lies our practical way of achieving the inner peace we desire and an increase in productivity due to no attachments any outcome, real or imagined, until we have finally arrived to that point.

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